A new home for builders, creators, and visionaries.

EDGE Labs features wet labs and equipment necessary for new businesses requiring state-of-the-art laboratory space.  EDGE Labs also provides technical infrastructure that helps UA faculty, researchers, and students develop and test processes and prototypes that can be translated into products for the marketplace.

The facility, which is located on the north end of The University of Alabama campus, near the Ferguson Student Center, is part of UA’s push to support regional entrepreneurship and economic development.

Read a press release that explains how EDGE Labs is a part of UA’s push to align campus entrepreneurial resources to support job growth and new opportunities. 

EDGE Labs is closely interconnected with The EDGE, the coworking and collaboration space that is the result of a partnership with UA, the City of Tuscaloosa, and the Chamber of Commerce of West Alabama.

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Current Incubating Companies

  • 525 Solutions Inc: developing proprietary, broad-based ionic liquid technologies for the medicinal, pharmaceutical, and materials fields
  • ThruPore Technologies Inc:  Custom catalyst manufacturing
  • JAQ Energy LLC: Solving energy availability anxiety and security for electrified transportation and other applications
  • ForeSense Technologies LLC:  Advanced sensor electronics
  • Sand Spirit LLC: Separations and analytical chemical services


EDGE Labs Building