The 2021 Edward K. Aldag Jr. Business Plan Competition has Concluded!

This year, the Aldag competition was part of UA’s Create + Innovate Week. Due to the ongoing challenges faced with the COVID-19 pandemic, the competition was held virtually again. We are committed to helping you during this time of uncertainty so that you can move forward on your business ideas.

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Entry Requirements & Registration

The registration page for the 2021 Edward K. Aldag, Jr. Business Plan Competition is now closed. You can review the eligibility criteria, virtual competition overview, and presentation instructions for a better sense of how the competition operates.

A high-level timeline for the 2021 Aldag competition is listed below:

  • March 1: Registration opens
  • March 23: Registration deadline (at this stage, competitors just need to complete a short form)
  • March 30: Draft presentation due (at this stage, competitors need to submit a draft presentation that covers the key elements of their business)
  • April 6: Final presentation & video due (at this stage, competitors need to submit their final presentation file as well as a 10-minute Youtube video showcasing their presentation)
  • April 12: Aldag Competition – Opening Round
  • April 13: Aldag Competition – Final Round (Note: Only teams that judges advanced from the prior day participate in the final round.)
  • April 13: Aldag Winners Posted

You should visit the student competition portal for full details.

Past Winners


Note: The faculty/staff business plan competition will be held in May. The Tuscaloosa Innovates community business plan competition is still in the planning phase, more details will be shared on the EDGE competition website as the details come together.

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